Traditional VC investor into digital assets

We invest globally into outstanding founders building the next generation of financial services

Why Blockchain


Covid-19 triggered the need for digitalization of financial services. Blockchain technology allows to simplify complex legacy infrastructure and automate rent-seeking intermediaries, making transactions fast, cost-effective and accessible globally.

Growth Potential

Successful use cases already exist in trading, payments, credit, derivatives and trade finance, generating $10bn yearly revenue, projected to grow 100x over the next 10 years.

High Returns

Already this year, digital financial assets on the blockchain grew 70% (vs. 20% for gold, 1% for S&P500 and bonds yields of 0.6%).*

Why Us


We are a traditional Venture Capital fund with $100m size, investing both into funds (30%) and directly into companies (70%).


Investing into blockchain funds and companies since 2017, we have an established team, network and an existing portfolio generating ~150% return p.a.*

Solid Backing

Rockaway Capital, European investment firm with $900m AUM, is our sponsor and anchor investor.

(As of 31/8/2020.)