Business Development and Financing

  • Corporate partners, such as financial institutions (Erste), telecom operators (02, T-mobile) and media companies (Burda Media)
  • Co-investments with blockchain VCs and traditional VCs (in the landscape, we are near to Pantera, Fenbushi and others)

Community Building

  • Write tech PR articles on Bitcointalk, Huffington Post, Steemit, Medium, Reddit
  • Increase adoption by tech community
  • Meetups between founders and developers
  • Hackathons

University Connections

  • Access university crypto communities
  • Increase platform awareness and adoption through meetups, workshops, and mailing lists (e.g. Oxford blockchain society)
  • Recruiting (e.g. Cambridge student fair)

during entire
ICO lifecycle

  1. White paper and tokenomics advisory

  2. Content development (website, ads, videos, ICO listing)

  3. Community building (Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Discord)

  4. Influencer marketing (e.g. Youtube)

  5. IT and R&D: smart contract development and audit, custodianship

  6. Legal and regulatory advisory

  7. Exchanges listing and market making